What’s In My Bag

I’m obviously a backpack fella but once in a while I mix things up a bit. Sling bags are always my go to when I’m down to style up. I got this bag on the streets,one of those second hand sales so it was at a throw away price.
I like the amazing details at the corner of the flaps. The bag is orange,right? I’m serious BTW,I’m not sure if that is orange or red. What I know is that I really like how bright the color is.


With limited space I always try to squeeze in my favorite items which include:-
1. Lip Balm
I always want to keep my lips hydrated so I never leave my Himalayas herbals lip balm .


2.Antibacterial Hand Gel
This hand gel is not a new comer on my blog. I’m such a touchy person so I always walk with my hand gel which is perfect for keeping hands clean and protected


3.My Camera
Well, you already know my obsession with taking random pictures so yeah,I never leave it behind.


4. Coin Purse
I like this coin purse because as small as it may seem it still has slots where I can put my ATM cards and other card which is super cool


Over To You…
How do you like this post?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
XoXo, Jade ☺


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