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FodreamyInterviews: 001- Eddie Mae Sungahid

Hello and welcome to the first series of #FodreamyInterviews. This month, I’m privileged to present an interview with the amazing Eddie Mae Sungahid aka Emz of Side by Side.
I’ve been following her blog for quite sometime now and not only are her posts inspiring and relatable but they are also fun, especially when she talks about her family and friends escapades. Here’s Emz to tell you more ;-

1. Hi Emz, can you please tell me about yourself and your blog?
I’m Emz, blogging from Cebu, Philippines. I’m a lady with a lot of frustrations in life and that includes being a writer. I’m the proud beauty behind Side by Side – (the name of my blog). Side by Side tells about life, inspiration, people, places and me. It’s a tidbit of my thoughts. They are stories under the sun, just whatever makes me feel like writing.

2. How did you first get into blogging?
I have always loved writing ever since. When I was younger, I kept an old notebook where I wrote my thoughts. I wrote when I’m happy and sad. I became a writer in our school paper way back high school, and that was how blogging was introduced to me. I was a guest writer in one of our local newspaper when I was in college, too. However, I only decided to start my own blog just June last year – that was during my 22nd birthday. It’s a sort of gift to myself, and I must say, it is an awesome one. 🙂

3. What had been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
Well, other than my internet connection, I also have few days of hiatus on my blog sometimes. You know those times when our imaginary friends refuse to talk to us. Bloggers call it “writer’s block”. Apart from that, there has never been harder ones yet.

4. What has been your proudest achievement so far?
In my life, well, I am a teacher. 🙂 Though I’m not teaching in formal school, I’m still proud that I am one. And I consider it as one of my greatest achievement. But if you’re talking about my blog, I think it’s the number of my followers and being able to post a hundred post by far.

5. How has blogging impacted your life?
Aside my learning from other bloggers, I taught me how to manage my time wisely. And in here, I found freedom – freedom to be myself, freedom to not do what others are doing, freedom to be different. I think that is the most important thing I learned after my few months stay in this blogosphere.

6. Who are some of your favorite bloggers and why are they your favorite?
There are a lot. But I prefer not to mention them here. I hope it’s okay 🙂

7. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
Blogging is not my profession, teaching is. I blog during my free time, and when I feel like writing. My blog is more like a virtual diary where I can express my thought freely without really thinking if people like it or not.

8. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
I never thought of that yet.

9. What are some of your personal life goals?
For now, I don’t have long-time goals but be married few months from now. 🙂 I also plan to study Psychology hopefully next year.

10. Besides blogging what are you passionate about?
Art. It is another of my frustrations – to become an artist. I showcased some of my artworks on my blog. It’s just that, I’m not very sure if I have what it takes to become a pro. 🙂

11. Lastly, share any 3 random things about yourself
° My favorite color is green.
° I always want to be a vampire.
° I’m a sworn coffee lover.

I’m glad you spared time for this interview, Emz. I’m looking forward for more amazing posts and photos 🙂

Over To You…
You can follow her blog HERE Go show some love and support
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Jade ☺


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