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Review| Crochet Hoop Earrings

Once in a while I try being girly and settle on wearing hoop earrings; they are definitely my go to on days when I’m ready to handle minor panic attacks that are caused by the feel of earrings tickling my neck. I’m super ticklish on the neck so every time I have hoop earrings on I constantly slap my neck thinking something is crawling on my neck (Oops! I just announced that to the world )

Any way, I got these earrings at a throw away price $0.75 to be exact (as usual, I’m good at bargaining). One of my talented classmates designs/makes them; you should see her do it, she makes it look super easy but every time I hold the metal thingy and try doing it… it feels like I’m solving a maths equation (y’all should know I’m terrible at math I can’t even try to sugar coat that)

The earrings have amazing details and the fun part is you can choose from a variety of what colors and designs you’d like. I decided to go with yellow and orange cause I feel this combo brings out the attractive details on them and I get to wear them with my Indian sari skirt. Lastly, for once I get to step out of my comfort zone and wear something that isn’t my usual dull colors.



Over To You…

What do you think about these crochet hoop earring? Is it something you would consider wearing?

Till Next Time, Bye!!!

XOXO, Jade J 🙂


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