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Men You Ought To Stay Away From

If you’ve ever had a doubt about my level of weirdness, here’s a post to set things straight. *Clears Throat* umm! This post has an age restrictions, If you’re below 21 year’s old please don’t read this.

Haha, just joking! But I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the wives of all the men in this list. I’m genuinely sorry for being obsessed with your men. I accept I can’t have them so please chill out as plan my imaginary future with them – thank you!!

Was that creepy enough? My aim was for it to sound super creepy! Any who, we all have moments when we wish these men were still single even though there is zero guarantee they would date us or let alone meet us. If you’re like me chances are we have only seen them on TV, Movies and magazines yet they have a huge place in our hearts (so relatable right)… But you know, a girl’s gotta dream, right Okay, I feel the more I ramble this post will get more weird so lets just hop into my list:-
Will Smith

I have watched and re-watched every of his movie and don’t get me started to the days I used to binge watch the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will is so talented, smart, funny, inspiring, I find him so handsome and I’ve been crushing on him since day 1 ( that’s the code for long time but I don’t quite remember when) ooh and he’s married to a beautiful woman Jada Pinkett


Joe Manganiello

Most times I have a hard time pronouncing his second name! But let me start by saying, Sofia Vergara is a lucky lady. Joe is funny, witty, he’s a book fanatic, he acts, have you seen his abs? plus he can strip…I mean, need I say more?


Channing Tatum

Channing! Channing! His dance moves are on point, he has a beautiful shy smile, he’s smooth (not his skin, I don’t know about his skin but I’m sure its smooth) like he’s just naturally cool and fun and he’s a talented male entertainer, that’s a plus…I wonder if Jenna Dewan gets free performances in the house!


Matt Bomer

Yes, I know he is gay. But every gay person has tried being with a person of the opposite gender at some point in their life, right? He’s hot, so chill, down to earth, he can sing and very sexy. I wonder if Simon Halls minds sharing


Hrithik Roshan

Fan fact, I ‘m a huge Bollywood movies obsessed freak… I enjoy the accents and dances, half the time I can barely pronounce the movie titles but who cares!? Now before you go all cray cray!!! Yeah, I know Hrithik and his wife were separated in 2014 but he has always been BAE there’s no way I could leave him out of this list. Hrithik is a triple threat…he can dance, sing and act plus he is just a sweet and kind person (according to my twitter stalking feed). His eyes are soul searching…Oooh jeez! I just love him


Well, I guess that’s it. Phew!!! I genuinely feel some kind of satisfaction writing this post. I can’t even explain,It feels like a huge confession of my awkwardness.


Over To You…

What do you think of my list? Do you also have a list of married celebrities men you’re crushing on?If Yes,Who are they?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

Xoxo, Jade 🙂


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