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Happy Birthday Bro

Dear Shady,

Its official, my memory is useless! Maybe my memory capacity is like 1 GB – can’t really store much stuff. I honestly don’t remember the day you were born, I don’t really remember you being around till you were like 1 year old. That doesn’t make me a bad sister, right?

Watching you grow up has been an awesome experience, despite the ups and downs in the family you still got the good positive vibes in you. You are passionate about the people around you and football (I know football always comes first lol). You are a hardworking momma’s boy ( I’m not ashamed to admit you are a better cook than me). And you are always ready to learn new things like how you can already drive, raise chicken and ducks. You have a way around life that I admire and let’s not forget your fashion sense, its by far better than mine. You are outgoing and just incredible I’m really proud to be your big sister.

You know how they say nobody is perfect, well you also freaking annoy me when you become a mammas boy and have to whine about everything to mom, and get away with ishh. I hate when I have to watch Popeyes just cause you enjoy the show I honestly think its boring! When you live the house and don’t say where you’re going and mom makes me find where you are cause “I’m the first-born and I should be responsible” lol I guess that makes you even more interesting.

You are literally my other half,  you get and understand me so much. You believe in my dreams even when I get scared and doubt myself you still think I’m capable of achieving them. You make me laugh period. When you overhear mom and dad discuss something about me, you are the first to tell me before I get “the talk”.

You make me the best passion juice (my favorite). I remember you used to cry when I was sick and they had to inject me (still not a huge fan of injections). On your first days of kindergarten, you used to come wait for me outside my class in the afternoon when your classes were done so my teacher used to let you in my class and we’d share my chair in class.

Though school came in the way we now live 10 hours apart and we rarely bond as we used to…you send me the best text messages and you still get excited every time I come home and follow me around like a puppy!

2015-12-22 19.17.36
Cheers to the time you thought you “looked cool”

I honestly could go on and on with this, but all i’m trying to day is I FREAKING LOVE YOU SHADY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Yours Sincerely,

Jade .


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