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The Three Day Quote Challenge// Day 2

Hi, welcome back to Day 2 of The Three Day Quote Challenge. You can catch up with Day 1 HERE in case you missed it. Emz of Side by Side nominated me for this challenge and I’m liking it so far.

The rules are quite simple:- Post one to three quotes per day for three days and choose three different bloggers to challenge everyday.

Well, Lets get this started shall we? Today’s quotes are inspired by the fact that I’ve been looking for a job/ Internship for quite some time yet my effort has been futile. I’ve had days I’m disappointed in myself and I feel really insecure. I sometimes feel I’m not good enough but these quotes are quite encouraging in those times;-


  • Sometimes we refuse to try just cause of the million reasons we’ve created in our minds on how unfit we are for the challenge. When we focus on our insecurities we tend to miss out on the opportunities might we have.


  • Ooh! When your friends call and text to tell you about the wonderful places they’re working during the summer holiday and you’re stuck in the house blogging and watching Buzz feed videos ( top favorite ways of spending my days on a rainy day). We tend to compare ourselves with other people and make our individual selves feel inferior. That there is a joy stealer! We should learn to see ourselves special and unique.


  • We are our biggest critique! That shouldn’t be the case, we should learn to love who we are and treat ourselves with love and passion. We should always encourage and motivate ourselves cause you know, we are always listening to what we tell ourselves why not speak positive and encouraging words to ourselves!

I nominate :




Over To You…

What’s your favorite quote from Day 2 quote challenge?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

XOXO, Jade 🙂


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