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The Three Day Quote Challenge // Day 3

A few days ago, Emz of Side by Side nominated me to do the Three day Quote Challenge.
Guess what!? I made it to the third day of The Three Day challenge *dramatic sigh*. Honestly, I almost didn’t think I would do it today. I spent half the day up and about doing random stuff then my aunt invited me to church for a Revival thingy that’s been going on for a week now.

Most of y’all might not know this but here’s a fun fact about me; I’m saved and I believe in God and his unending grace! Being in church on a Friday night is not really how I would predict starting my weekend but I’m grateful for the opportunity. I feel really blessed and that’s my inspiration for today’s quotes, which are:-

download (2)

  • I never understand how God works, but I trust and believe Him !

download (1)

  • All I need is God assurance that He is with me in each and every step!


  • I know you are a miraculous God, May your will be done!

I Nominate:-

Sarah Joy



Over To You…

What’s your favorite quote from today’s post?

Till Next Time, Bye!!!

Xoxo, Jade 🙂


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