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Awkward Talk With Jade


Did you miss me?
Well hello there cutie pie, I hope this finds you well!
I’m doing good, I’ve been “okay- ish” just living life you know… Job hunting, cramps, traffic jam and just the usual day-to-day stuff like having a hard time getting out of bed.
Aah! Plus I broke my phone and somehow my laptop keeps acting up,that’s one why I’ve not been able to BLOG!
I’m back, even though what happened messed up my blogging schedule I think I’m just going to pick up from where I left. I really don’t like when this happens cause I’m trying to work on my ability to be consistent and it doesn’t help when mere challenges like these that are really not in your control occur!
Any who!!It’s April so I’m going to meet this month’s blogging goals like a BOSS cause you know, I’M AWESOME * insert hair flip gif * and I hope to grow in the process!
Okay where I’m I going with this talk, I don’t even know what’s the aim of this post… Or maybe I do, who cares. To be honest, I’m just having one of those awkward moments where I’m sitting next to someone and I don’t know what to say to them(I need to learn how to be comfortable in silence) so I decided to pretend I’m busy on the phone texting.. Ha!! I’m such a weirdo,thank God I have my phone back I would probably be talking about “How the weather is nice” Its not like a care!
Oooh wait! The person is leaving, Phew!

Umm! I think I should go now before things get super awkward here but yeah, expect new post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Till Next Time, Bye !!!

XOXO, Jade:-)


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