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My Morning Routine – Jobless/No School Edition


I wouldn’t necessarily refer to myself as a morning person, though I do try to wake up as early as possible. I have no job or school at the moment so this routine is convenient for my status. I went on YouTube to check on people’s morning routine and see if there’s something I can adapt to be more productive but damn!!! People are so classy there,nothing is relatable.

Here’s a post to prove how unique and weird things can get in my morning.

Basically, I wake up at 7 A.M. thanks to the Rock clock, what better way to start your day than having Dwayne Johnson wake you up!

After I wake up,the first thing I do after switching off my alarm is go on Twitter, Instagram then whatsapp; you know just casual scrolling to see people’s update when I was sleeping.

I then go to the washroom, I mean your girl here has gotta excrete. Huh! What do you mean TMI,told you I’ll be honest *shrugs *

I then go to the kitchen look for something to eat. I always have a light breakfast which consists of Tea or just milk and bread with fruits sometimes.

I then go take a shower, brush my teeth- My “getting ready” process depends on the time I plan on leaving the house for my personal errands.

When I’m done with the bathroom thingy’s, I get to my laptop put music on. Then check my emails,reply to emails. You already know how you always have a million tabs open, well I do that too.

I catch up on news on Daily Mail and of course check up on gossip news, I mean I live for this crap. I then watch the latest updates on YouTube videos IISUPERWOMANII vlogs and BUZZFEED among other subscriptions. Lastly, I catch up on the latest blog updates on WordPress and sometimes write a post (I’m doing that now)

Most days,I leave the house at 10 A.M so 20 minutes to 10 A.M. I freshen up (deodorant,make my hair,apply skin oil), dress ( I’m the kind of person who stays in their towel after taking a shower) then do my make up if need be ( I rarely wear make up on a daily basis)

Lastly, I shut down my laptop then turn off my music. I make my bed and do a bit of tidying of the room before I pick my stuff and I’m out!!!
Over To You…

PS: Photo courtesy of Twitter

How different is your morning routine from the YouTube videos you watch? What would you recommend me to do to make my mornings productive?

Till Next Time, Bye!!!

XOXO, Jade 🙂


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