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Happy birthday Ma

Today, my mother turns 49 years old !

Sometimes we fight, sometimes she chases me out of her house and tells me to find somewhere else to live because she’s mad at me,sometimes I strangle her neck (in my mind) when I have to sit for an hour or so because I have to listen to her lectures on whatever it is she yaps about!

I’m 100% sure she loves me and she wants the best for me and for that I am so grateful to have her as my mother.I know dealing with me takes so much Patience but you always show me I’m worth it.

Thank you for constantly reminding me to pray, thank you for reminding me to ask you for anything when I’m stuck (lol, mostly money), Thank you having my back even when you don’t understand my goals.

I don’t take any of that for granted. I hope I make you proud one day, I hope to be selfless like you and most importantly, I hope you are happy and living the life you always dreamt of…

May you live long,I love you Ma 🙂


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