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Types Of Relatives at Family Events

Aah! Relatives, the extended family you miss being around but when you all get together, you get to experience mixed emotions. Thank God we don’t live together cause the drama would be worth a reality T.V. show. And I know we all have had our moments and can probably relate to the kind of relatives I have to deal with

The Cool Relative

These are the relatives I always enjoy hanging around with cause they have a different unique funky vibe: Cool! There personal stories are entertaining and they always bring you gifts or leave you “allowance money” when they are about to leave. My favorite relatives!

The Intense Eater

These relatives act like they have not seen/ eaten food for like a month. Can I have more chicken? Is there more soda? I’m so hungry will the food be enough? Go check if the food is ready! And I’m here like slow your roll aunt/uncle/cousin don’t you know the party rules When going on a party/get together event ensure you at least have some food at home (Ha! I just made that up)

The One That Takes Leftovers

This is mostly an “aunt thing” for sure. They come to the event with food containers! And the annoying part is they never tell anyone when they’re packing the food plus for some reasons they always have emergencies to attend to so they leave early. I know your tactics aunt,please stop it!

The annoying little cousins

Aargh! First I’m so awkward with kids and for some strange reasons “I’m always in charge of kids”. That’s like the hardest job ever! Why do they think its okay to make you run after them or make you do stuff like taking them to the washroom and have to listen to them whining!! It’s so stressful…

The strict relative

I’m sure my mother falls under this category for most of my cousins. It’s a family event for Heaven’s sake, people just want to loosen up and be weird but then there’s always this aunt/uncle reminding you to “BEHAVE”. Can you not chill!?

Over To You…

What kind of relatives do you like or dislike during family events?

Till Next Time, Bye !!!

XOXO, Jade 🙂


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