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Fodreamy1on1: How To Give Things Another Go

Do you believe in second chances?

I believe people deserve a second chance if they prove worthy and take responsibility of their mistakes. We are human, we all make mistakes and most times we don’t realize how much our mistakes will affect us and the people around us. Given a second chance we get to redeem ourselves where am I going with this?

Ooh, well I read this romance cliché book on Wattpad (judge me all you want) about this billionaire guy who was caught red-handed by his girlfriend cheating. He does love her girlfriend but he is stupid, naive and scared of relationships because, you know “his past relationships did not work out”. When the girl breaks up with him, he becomes a total mess! Spend his time drinking and harming himself which leads to late night drunk calls/ texts to the girl asking for forgiveness.

My point of view on this matter is, the guy really regrets his mistakes and deserves a second chance! I know I am not a relationship guru, but I feel sometimes things are better the second time around and here is how you can go about it:-

Set boundaries

If either one of you really hurt the other, talk it out and be honest about any reserved reactions before moving forward especially if trust has been broken. Agree on boundaries and limits that you’re both comfortable with

Be Open

There’s no point of having a secret relationship if you’re making a go for it. If you believe you’re going to make it work this time round just be proud and open and its okay to tell the close people around you about it even if they think it might not improve.

Move Forward

If you’ve agreed to give things another chance, continually bringing up the past isn’t going to be healthy.By all means address it but agree to draw a line !

Over To You…

What do you think about second chances? Do people deserve second chances? If Yes, Why?If No, Why not?

Till Next Time,Bye !!!

XOXO, Jade 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fodreamy1on1: How To Give Things Another Go”

  1. Howdy Patience!

    I also believe people deserve a second chance too. We are human and yes, we all make mistakes so I am exercising my forgiveness muscles when the chance arises.

    Thank you for sharing an engaging story and valuable tips such as setting appropriate boundaries and being open minded.

    This post has boosted my energy for moving forward in life, have a fantastic day!

    – Delles

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