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July 2016 Goals

Wow!!! I’ve never been so excited about a month beginning like I am right now. June was blur for me. I honestly can’t account for anything productive I did in June – well apart from receiving rejection letters and not crying about it, yet!

I’m super excited about July, and I have many things planned to help me stay organised and focused. I know I’ve done a lot of time-wasting and have been slacking on blogging too for the past two months. That’s about to change thus I would like to share my goals for this month:-

Blogging Goals

Consistency !!!!

I need to learn to be consistent, One of my weakness I know! I plan on posting twice a week (Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday ) I just hope I’ll stay true to my word *fingers crossed *

Blogging Community !!!

The fact that this past month I didn’t engage in any social media sites says a lot. I kept on telling people I was taking a break off social media but the truth is I JUST WASN’T FEELING SOCIAL MEDIA but this month that’ll have to change I need to get back into joining twitter chats and promoting the blog.

Schedule !!!

OMG!!! I need to work on doing things last-minute and learn to plan and schedule posts in advance.

Personal Goals

Stop Worrying !!!

I’m tired of self-pity and worrying about not having a job. This week on Monday my mum asked me to meet her in town just to chill with her, you know! I was so embarrassed when I got in town cause almost everyone seemed to be dressed in official attire and Miss you know who here was hitting rolling in casual jeans and I kept thinking everyone is judging me for not having a job lol

Live Life !!!

I have a lot of free time at hand at the moment, I declare July the month to live life ( I hope I’m not to late) . Do stuff I enjoy doing instead of waiting for email reply’s and job phone calls. Put effort in things I love blogging, making videos, editing and photography.

Save More !!!

I keep on making travelling plans but I never save. I need to save more so that I can go on vacations without depending on anyone – I sound so adult-ish ,right ?

I just hope to stay positive and be happy in the process…

Over To You …

What are your plans for July 2016 ?

Till Next Time, Bye !!!

XOXO, Jade 🙂


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