Types Of Writers On Wattpad

Recently, I had to quit Wattpad and uninstall it from all my devices because things have been getting out of hand. I spend every minute I get reading books on  Wattpad. When I started all this it was cute and interesting but then I got ADDICTED !!! Trust me getting addicted to books on Wattpad is a nightmare.

First, I have to admit I am a choosy reader; I am still that lady who is only obsessed with Romance, Chick-lit kinda books and there is a lot of that on Wattpad.

Spending time on Wattpad has given me the opportunity to come across different types of writers and Boy, ooh Boy! The writers on Wattpad come with interestingly different kind of skills and I would gladly point out the catchy ones;-

1.The Self Promo Obsessed Writers

These writers are not ashamed to promote their books and they use every opportunity they get to tell to vote, share and like. This can be seen through the Authors Note after every chapter. And sometimes would send you a message to “Remind” you to vote for their book. Its annoying,period.

2. The Grammar Challenged Writers

I get it, you are aspiring to be a writer but hey mind taking a class or two on learning how to construct a grammar correct sentence. The story lines are always good but I just can’t take it with the grammar. The sad part is these writers will bash you for making constructive criticism about their books. SIGH.

3. The Ranting Writers

I’m just trying to read your book and the fact that I’m still here means the book is good, so please just stop it with your life series updates… I really don’t care about your life to be honest! I also have tests, I’m still waiting for my crush to reply to my texts and you don’t see me ranting about all that in the comment section so can you please be a darling and stop ranting about your miserable life in each chapter.

4. The Soap Opera Writers

Aah! I love love these ones …There stories are never original. They write mostly about soap operas from local TV . Just like me, they are hopeless romantics. There books consist of pick up lines, kissing moments, cheesy “I love you’s” and that there really gets me hooked.

5. The fan-girls Writers

These (fan) girl writers make me uncomfortable, like really uncomfortable. Their stories are mostly about their celeb crushes and how they fell in love or how they got them pregnant. Just too much information about their fantasies… I always assumed they were young ladies 10-16 maybe till I came across a hot mature scene in a One Direction fan fiction book.I was both confused and offended and that was the last time I read any fan based book.

Over To You …

Do you read books on Wattpad? Any Recommendations and what Authors have you come across on Wattpad?

Till Next Time, Bye !!!

XOXO, Patience 🙂


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