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The Science Of a Broken Heart

No one can ever be prepared to handle an end of a two-year relationship no matter how strong you try to act, the sadness that consumes you every second of everyday is so intense. Remember its okay to fall apart but not for too long. Make a choice: either run from the pain or deal with it, hopefully you want to deal with it. Here are healthy ways to take the edge of it:-

Talk about it, a lot

Talking about something over and over helps you calm your nerves and most times you get to understand where it all went wrong. Plus the people you talk to can advice you and comfort you if you open up.

Forgive yourself and forgive the person in your own time

Do not drown yourself in guilt. Accept that there were mistakes made, you may want to extend your apologies depending on the situation. There shouldn’t be any room for guilt in your life going forward.

Sweat it out

No one sings about small booty (no offense) Now is the time to get your revenge body and connect with your inner self. Working out also helps give you a clear mind and its proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Engage your passion

Lose yourself in your passion to help you heal. Write, sing, dance, create just to shift your focus on something else and in the process you end getting better in what you’re passionate about.

Do something completely for yourself

Avoid looking for rebounds. Now is the time to be alone and get used to your own company, enjoy your company it’s better than you think.

Over To You…

Any experience in heart-break? How did/ are you dealing with it?

xoxo, Jade 🙂


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