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FodreamyCaptures: Hiking Escapades

I enjoy hiking! Last weekend, I had a chance to go hiking and it was awesome. The view was spectacular and everything about the place was serene. Here are some of the photos I took;-

  1. Beautiful rocks. I never studied geography but i’m so convinced these are crying rocksIMG_20160730_1038212. Up close short water fall2016-08-05_10-34-373. Amazing view of the forestIMG_20160730_1028464. I’m pretty sure those are hills after the forestIMG_20160730_1028595. Umm! Aren’t they prettyIMG_20160730_1031376. Just a flowerIMG_20160730_1032367. The view before I got to the top of the hillIMG_20160730_103255

#FodreamyCaptures is a new series on FODREAMY where I post photos I take during the week, Just to practice my photography and improve on editing. I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, Jade 🙂


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