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Things To Do While Job Hunting

I have literally dedicated my entire life to job hunting and it has been incredibly disheartening and horrific. No one ever prepares you enough for this experience. It’s always exciting to move a step forward in your life pursuits but we tend to be consumed with fear and worry of the unknown.

Unless you are or are planning to be an entrepreneur we all have moments where we send 101 emails to different organisations and yet only receive two rejection emails. I’m at a point in my life where I really get excited when I receive rejection emails because in the back of my mind I feel reassured that my email is working (Sometimes I send emails to my friends just to confirm my email is active and working).

We might not be able to control being unemployed but we can control how we react to it. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and stop living life. We should learn to take advantage of this period ’cause think about it this is probably the only period you have to”waste” and do your own thing so instead of stressing out. Here are some of the things we can do during that period:-

Learn something new

Now is the time to take up new activities. Learn to play an instrument, a new language or anything you’ve always wanted to try out.

Perfect your talent

Instead of spending the whole day researching on jobs; spare some time and take photographs, improve your vocals or just anything to improve your talent.


This is another way to keep yourself enthusiastic and healthy. If you take care of yourself you can make the most out of this extra time.

Treat yourself

Being unemployed can be tiring and trying. Letting yourself relax will maximize your productivity during the hours you job search.

Over To You …

Do you have any Job hunting experiences? What are some of the things you do when unemployed?

xoxo, Jade


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