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Snacks Haul

Hey, I have a confession to make.


Here it is :

I am snack junkie

I spend 1/3 of my allowance on snacks and I can’t buy snacks and keep them for long – I always eat them in one sitting .

It doesn’t matter what it is, I just have to eat the whole pack. I never understand how people walk around with half granola bars in their bags “just taking a bite at a time” Umm! that’s madness.

A few day ago my cousin bought me snacks and I literally went to heaven. I’ve been living in paradise for the past few days and here is why;-

Warheads -Extreme Sour Candy


I’m making a face as I type this ’cause just the thought of this candy gives my taste bud a tingling feeling. I have cuts on my tongue and the upper side of my mouth,you’d think that would stop me from eating them.

Jelly Beans


Don’t we all love jelly beans? But if someone doesn’t take this little bag away from me I will finish them all in the next five minutes I promise.

KitKat Minis


I’ve always known I can be protective and selfish when it comes to my snacks but with KitKat everything goes to a different level. One, I’ve hidden them and two I pick a mini bar every few minutes but hope they’d multiply instead of reducing

Way better snacks -Sweet potato corn tortilla chips


I tried these for the first time and they are definitely my new favorites. Taste amazing and I would want to try the different flavours they have.

Bare Organic Granny Smith Apple chips


This was the first thing I tasted out of all my snacks. I thought “it” being organic and gluten free and all “healthy ” it would probably taste bad (Healthy) .I was wrong, It was incredibly tasty and you feel good about eating “it” in large amount cause its healthy.

Gummy Sour Bears


Yeeiy! Another bag of sour candy to cut my tongue. I can’t take any hot stuff at the moment because of the candy.

Granola Bar


I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to granola bars but this is perfect and I love the ingredients in it.

Over To You…

What are some of your favorite snacks ?

xoxo, Jade


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