Skincare Routine For Face Breakouts

I happen to have the most strange skin you’ll ever come across. The uncertainty of my skin can at times bring me to tears-literally. I can wake up with smooth skin today and two days later I look like a horned melon, I’m not complaining I guess I’m used to it that’s why I don’t mind talking about it.

I learnt that most times when my face does the one-eighty turn on me, I tend to ignore it and hope the “smooth phase” comes sooner. But then, isn’t that just unfair !

These past few days I’ve been taking the saying “For better For worse” way to personal.I came up with a routine during my face breakout and I kid you not,you know how you get hesitant to take photos or feel less pretty during a breakout. This routine keeps your esteem intact ’cause it gives your face a glow!

  • Cleanse morning and night: I use Mysore Sandal soap to clean out pores and get rid of excess oil
  • Rose Water is my go-to toner : I simply apply toner onto a cotton pad and swipe over my face. Always look out for a toner that doesn’t contain alcohol
  • As for the moisturizer, I use Natural organic Aloe Vera Gel. I prefer a light moisturizer for my skin is a bit oily.
  • I try drinking plenty of water- I’m one of those freaks who struggle to drink water ’cause its tasteless. I add lemon in warm water to try and spice it out.




Over To You …

Do you have breakouts too? If yes, What’s your routine?

xoxo, Patience 🙂


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