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Review| Mysore Sandal Soap

I have had this soap for quite sometime though I started religiously using it this past month. An Indian family friend gifted us when we visited him. I can still taste the Indian chicken curry he prepared for us and don’t get me started with the tears I shed ’cause of how hot the chili was. Ok! Back to review.

Mysore Sandal Soap: (Only Soap with pure Sandalwood Oil)

Price: MRP 33 (0.49 USD)

Product Description:




My Views:

I have been using this soap for almost a month now, even though I only use it for my face I must say its incredible. It is simply great and has made my complexion really better. It has a rich and unique scent.The pure sandal wood oil is very good for the softness of skin. I just love it.


  • Its affordable
  • With regular use it evens out the skin complexion
  • The soap doesn’t dry out the skin


  • The scent is sometimes too strong for my liking

My Rating : 4/5

Over To You …

Ever used this soap before? I would recommend you try it out its amazing..

xoxo, Jade


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