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Fodreamy1on1: Why I Became A Loner

Of course I know I am a strange lonely weirdo, tell me something I don’t know. Most people I know and interact with are either my relatives or close family friends. The fact that I have social anxiety and every time I’m forced to interact with a group/crowd of people I have my fingers crossed silently praying no-one talks to me doesn’t help at all.

For most people it may seem okay- after all people choose to be loners, right? Well, not me! I guess I got too comfortable being a loner to a point where it’s now a lifestyle. Not healthy I must say but  I have successfully pushed everyone away in the name of “I prefer spending time alone.”

I should have seen that as a sign, but nope I just assumed it was normal. Growing up, I was always this cheerful, chatty, attention seeking kid. Then things changed at some point, I started talking less and thinking more; prefered staying in the house. It didn’t help that I was transferred to a new public school I never seemed to click with anyone and the only girl I got along with – I later came to find out used to tell her other friends all my “personal issues” I used to share with her and they’d talk about how weird and nagging I am!?

Long story short (cause it will take forever to explain the drama) that was one of the experiences that made me push people away. I am a social person to be honest but all I want is a brief relation – laugh ,talk, eat and talk then that’s it. I refuse to exchange contacts with you cause I’m scared of “social” commitments and I’m a professional loner so don’t ruin that.

Honestly, It has been the most amazing journey but I want to quit. Reason being the basis of me deciding to be a loner is from a bad past experience. I feel chained to my past experiences and that has heightened my depression and anxiety. I have been selfish and restrictive to enjoy my time with some nice people because of a past trauma.

Sometimes its okay to be loner no argument on that but don’t let a dark experience control your decision on how you should or should not live your life.You need to be a loner cause you enjoy being alone .

And Yes even though it’s normal to be angry, sad and bitter but it’s unhealthy when it goes on for too long. Learn to let go!

Over To You …

What’s your take on Loners? Are you one of them? Is it healthy to be a comfortable loner?

Xoxo, Jade


2 thoughts on “Fodreamy1on1: Why I Became A Loner”

  1. I can completely relate to your post I am so glad that I came across it. It made me realise that I am not alone. I am following you so that I can read more as I am sure that I will be able to relate to more of your posts.

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    1. Thank you for following me. As hard as it may seem to believe we are never alone we just need to look around and we’ll realize people have similar experiences though we avoid talking about them. I’m glad you found me I hope you can find my future posts relatable and inspiring xoxo 🙂

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