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The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 1- Introduction

Hey, I hope this finds you well. On my last post, I did a get to know me tag it was supposed to be a one time thing I promise but then I had so much fun doing it, as I was writing down my September 2016 post ideas I thought why not challenge myself and prolong this tag.

Honestly, I scribbled my notebook for about 5 minutes but no post ideas came in mind. So I thought ,why not try this ’cause I’ll get to post for 10 days consistently and I get to let you know the weirdo behind FODREAMY. Isn’t that exiting? I know you’re looking forward to it don’t be shy just admit it, its okay to be nosy about my life.

What I hope to achieve in this challenge is consistency. To be honest, I salute daily bloggers! Normally I post twice a week so for me to do this on a daily basis it’s completely mind-blowing. What if I forget, does it mean I failed ! As easy as it may seem I’m freaking out ’cause I want to get it right with no excuses.

I have probably mentioned this before, I have a terrible memory. In this challenge I get to have topics that go way back to the ’90’s so I get to jog my memory and dig into my childhood that should be fine, right?

Lastly, I recently started my counselling session and my therapist encouraged me to connect with myself (whatever that means) – what I understood is getting to know myself better like how you’d do when you’re trying to make friends. So what better way to do it than blog about it?

Stay Tuned

xoxo, Jade


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