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The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 3- Top Things On My Bucket List

Yes, I have a bucket list and this is it! It will continuosly be altered and updated. All I need to do is stop making excuses and save more, by doing so I believe I can do everything on it

  1. Ride a zip line ride
  2. Go on a blind date
  3. Do a flip on a trampoline
  4. Get a wrist tattoo
  5. Milk a cow
  6. Go sky-diving
  7. Go bungee jumping
  8. Go a pacific crest trail hike
  9. Be a bridesmaid
  10. Meet a blog reader in person
  11. Meet someone famous
  12. Have my article published in a magazine
  13. Design a website
  14. Start a blog
  15. Catch snow flakes on my tongue
  16. Attend a concert of someone famous (One Direction, Beyonce)
  17. Jump on a 20 ft waterfall
  18. Ride on a motor cycle
  19. Ride an elephant
  20. Raise money to support an awareness
  21. Learn to drive
  22. Be the driver during a road trip with friends
  23. Attend a movie premiere
  24. Attend a concert
  25. Be an extra in a movie
  26. Get VIP passes to a show
  27. Write a guest post for a gossip website
  28. Walk on/ in the Great wall of China
  29. New Years Eve at Times Square
  30. Go on a cruise
  31. Go camping in a foreign country
  32. Go to a book signing
  33. Go to a Drive- in movie
  34. Go to the movies alone
  35. Get a passport
  36. Be in a music video
  37. Be on the cover of a magazine
  38. Learn to do a head stand
  39. Spend a whole weekend partying and club hopping
  40. Pose with a figure at a wax museum
  41. See a Broadway film
  42. Attend a TED Talk LIVE Show
  43. Fly in a hot air balloon
  44. Ride in a limousine
  45. Try pole dancing
  46. Attend Vidcon,Playlist live or any YouTube event
  47. Attend Coachella
  48. Walk the Red carpet
  49. Die my hair a completely different color
  50. Get a Bikini wax
  51. Get a professional body massage
  52. Go a week WITH makeup
  53. Have a facial
  54. Have a professional photo shoot
  55. Have my palm read
  56. Wear fake lashes
  57. Wear colored contacts
  58. Start a business
  59. Stay in a 5 star resort
  60. Learn to use chopsticks
  61. Do a charity walk
  62. Fly in a helicopter
  63. Celebrate a holiday in a different country
  64. Attend a Cirque du Soleil in Vegas
  65. Travel to my dream places

Over To You …

I would like to know what your bucket list consist of? Is there anything on my list that you’ve tried or you’d want to try?

xoxo, Jade


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