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The Get To Know Me Tag:Day 7- A Weird Quirk Of Mine

Wassup world! Its *checks watch* 8:30 p.m. Welcome to another day, another challenge *Read in Destorm’s voice *. Its Day 7 and we are still holding it up strong people,we are definitely winning in this daily blogging thingy .

We all have weird quirks,right? Then let’s talk about mine:-

I like when things are organised; my mind goes blank when things are all over the place. The best example I can give is when it comes to phone apps! I can’t stand when they are disorganized and all over the place .So every time I use anyone’s phone I find myself reorganizing the apps, I make sure they are either put in folders or just put in place so that you don’t find only two apps on one page or apps on a page that some are at the right corner,others the middle and others are anywhere else on the page.

Last time I did this was with my cousin’s phone and she really had a hard time finding her apps ’cause she is so used to having them all over. The same thing happens with laptops and iPad .When I use someone’s else laptop I find myself putting all the random documents into folders. I know it’s an annoying habit 😦

Weirdly enough this also happens when I walk into some stores.I find myself rotating bottles so that the labels are facing the same way. In case you’ve ever doubted my level of weirdness; there you have it folks .

Over To You …

What is a weird quirk of yours ?

xoxo, Jade


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