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The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 9- What Makes Me Feel Better When In Distress

In today’s post I’m letting you in on the things that always lift up my spirits when I’m down and all I want to do is mentally strangle everyone around me.
First, Music! I can always count on music to make me feel better. Its interesting though how my choice of music when I’m “hurt” is wild but then we all have different preferences and its best to know what works for you. I just love music. 
Crying; I know I’m a cry baby and I can be pathetic but it does make me feel better when I’m overwhelmed. I believe the tears I release are the toxic burdens in my heart. 
Ice cream makes me feel better, ALWAYS! It melts my heart-literally and that always makes me feel so damn good you have no idea.

Praying always performs miracles. It relieves EVERYTHING, Its amazing when I take a moment to pray and it feels like a load of pain and discomfort is relieved. That makes me feel better, ALWAYS!

Over To You …

How about you? What makes you feel better?




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