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Review| Lime Crime Velvetines – Faded and Bleached

A few days ago one of my cousins’ friend did my makeup for a wedding we were attending, she did an amazing job I must say but what really got me was the lip products she used. Velvetines ! I had never heard of it before to be honest but because I really liked it, I decided to purchase two of their products that I’ll be reviewing in this post.

Price: $20 but I got it for less

Product Description:

Velvetines are the first ever water proof liquid lipstick from Lime Crime makeup. Apart from it being makeup up for unicorns ( I just had to slip that in somewhere) . It is a lip color that is long-lasting and doesn’t get lips dry or chapped.



The lipstick come in metallic red boxes with pink roses which is super lovely plus the ribbon font used to write the name of the product gives it a nice touch. I like how the packaging design is fun.

The only limitations is the frosted tubes makes it hard to see how much product there is in the tube. I mean they could give you an empty bottle and you wouldn’t know.



This is definitely my new favorite lip product at the moment. It is a really gorgeous light peach color that can be worn any time of the day. I absolutely love it!



I’m so convinced I mixed up the tubes when buying this product. For some reasons I thought It was nude. It has a more red-pink color ( I suck at colors/shades that explains why I mismatched them). Other than me making a personal mistake ’cause I’m color blind. I think it’s a delightful shade !


Swatch Comparison

Here are the swatches of my two velvetines shades. The one on the left is faded and on the right is bleached


Over To You …

Have you ever tried Lime crime lip products? What do you think about these two liquid matte lipstick shades?

xoxo, Jade


1 thought on “Review| Lime Crime Velvetines – Faded and Bleached”

  1. I apologise I didn’t give this post my best : The photos mostly! I procrastinated writing it and taking photos for long then when I did it last minute I didn’t have time to edit ’cause its Thursday and I have a party to attend…like what is Life and My priorities lol


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