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How To| Messy Underside Braid To Bun

I’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for the past week since I made my braids so I decided to share it with you guys ( just trying to help a girl out you know). Its super easy to style and it doesn’t take much of your time plus it works for both braids and natural hair. Lets get right into it:-

Steps To Take

  • First thing you’ll do is flip your hair over to the front
  • Then create three sections to make a braid; french braid your hair on your way to the top to the desired location of the bun
  • Once you get at the top gather your hair as you would normally do and make a bun

And voila you are set to go with a simple but amazing and casual hairstyle.

Watch Video – How To: Messy Underside Braid To Bun

Over To You …

Have you ever tried this hairstyle before? If not, you should and check out the video as you try it out HERE

XOXO, Jade


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