Can We Talk About Bras !?

Can we talk about bras!? Yes? No? Never mind I’ll still talk about bras whether or not you’re up for it…

Well, hello lovelies in today’s post I’m going to go on about bras. Don’t worry it’s PG Rated I promise.

I’m always excluded from talking about bras by my peers ’cause they say I don’t have the right to complain when I have “almost nothing ” going on around my chest.

First, that is so rude and inappropriate and as long as there’s life going on around my chest I feel I’m entitled to talk about bras and that’s what I’m doing in this post – express my feelings on the internet ’cause people in real life don’t take my bra issues serious!

I hate bras like really dislike wearing them! For me, wearing bras always feels like I’m trying to cut my oxygen supply its so uncomfortable and that has nothing to do with “Not wearing the right size.”

I’m that person who wears a bra and already can’t wait to get out of it and sometimes during the day I find myself un-hooking the bra and that my friend is the best feeling ever. Its more like having a cold drink on a hot day kind of feeling. But then it does that thing where it rises trying to peep out of your top and is trying to reach your neck and I’m left wondering can I not ever get a break with bras?

Then when it comes to shopping for bras, It’s always a nightmare hands down! I go to a store and they either don’t have the bra I want in my size or I generally just have like 3 options in my size and I either have to buy or not buy there’s no in between. So I end up buying something I will never wear ’cause its the only option at hand. Please they need to make more variety and options of bras of all sizes.

I used to look at people who wear strapless bra and think,”Why do you hate yourself?”.That thing could literally slide off anytime! Yeah, you guessed it right… I’m the kind of person who’d wear a normal bra then let the straps off in a way that they’d just hang in there with my clothes on so it seemed I was wearing a strapless bra but in reality I wasn’t …

For some reasons,I always thought I was being clever plus it felt safe and right till the day I danced till my bra slid to my stomach. The thing is you feel it sliding off but there’s nothing you can do cause so many people are around you …Let’s just say I finally went shopping specifically for strapless bra’s and I wear them almost everyday. It’s become a normal thing .I still hate bras though!

Every time I go shopping I buy a couple of bras then the coming week I wear each one of the bras I bought on different days. I call that the “Testing Period” feeling out which of the bras suits better and feels great then I end up wearing the same bra every other day after the testing period. It becomes a wash and wear!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this …

Over To You …

Ladies, mind ranting about how bras are horrible ?

xoxo, Jade


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