Fodreamy101: Fear Of The Unknown

For the past four years I’ve been staying with my aunt and cousins in the city.Yes, I do have both my parents alive and Yes, me and my family get along.

I was brought up in the coastal side of the country, where all the fun stuff happen:-Beaches, Tourists, amazing food and epic accent!?

Intesting fact: all my life I’ve had a dream to move to the city where they have more opportunities and people who challenge me to want to grow and learn more. Getting an opportunity to join University in the big city was one of my dreams come true.

All through my years while in University, I planned my life around the city.Where I’d want to work, where I hoped to live, all my parcels/letters are addressed to the postal address in the city which belongs to my aunt. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and my family and compound and cat but just like everyone has the “American Dream” I had the city dream (I also happen to have an American Dream plan but that is a story for another day)

All my business ideas and interactions were mainly with people in the city- lets just say I was set for the city !

Then, a few days ago I received a call (Nothing bad) and I was instructed to return to my hometown- I was devasted, broken and confused. I started to question what might have been the loop hole of my “City Plan”

As I write this i’m seated on the couch of my old bedroom (The room I grew up in) wondering where I should start. My plan didn’t have a “What If” or a “Plan B”. Being jobless and in my hometown is something I never expected to happen!

I literally don’t know where to start. I have no plan at all and its scary!

I spent the past few years working to build a foundation for a dream but then I have to restart all that?!

I have to start networking with people, know places and organisations around here, start making friends, try to find new hobbies (Roadtrips and hiking are already out of question)… I need to find a new local church to attend!

I don’t know what to expect and I think the fear of the unknown is so overwhelming and suffocating.

I hope to remain positive and to live a day at a time !
Over To You …

What are some of your dreams that most people find weird or silly?

xoxo, Patience 🙂


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