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Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Guess what day it is?

Its November 2nd, my birthday!

Can we all raise our glasses of still water to appreciate my existence in this world. Let’s drink to the fact that I fill your timelines with random and corny blog posts, I mean who else would do that?!

The original birthday celebration plan was to go club hopping and take wine for the first but then that couldn’t happen I’m still grateful for today and how it turned out.

Damn, I’m growing old!

I hope one day I get to have a “movie style” birthday celebration you know the usual, people surprising you with balloons in your room… Pancakes and waffles for breakfast and loads of presents with something close as a Mercedes as a present. Back to earth Jade, enough with the day dreaming!


Let’s just say I did lots of adult stuff today and I’m so proud of myself. My parents as usual forgot about my birthday so I was at their work place playing the “It’s my birthday card” if you know what I mean …

I then forced my brother to take me to the beach. We live 30 minutes away from the beach and I’ve not set foot on the beach for the past 3-4 years. I promise I am not kidding. My brother was kind enough to take me in exchange of fries and chicken… Aaaah, I love my family !

Being at the beach was refreshing! It was too hot and sunny though, like seriously who goes to the beach on a Wednesday at midday *raises hand*

We took loads of photos (Warning: my brother is a horrible personal photographer). I filmed a video for my YouTube channel which I’ll be uploading on Saturday. We talked, laughed, watched vine videos, collected a few sea shells. We did almost everything except the thing people do when they go to the beach…. Swimming!

I was only there for the sunset then at around 5 p.m I received an email from the organisation that has given me a job to start on 8th November saying due to some internal Blah! Blah! Blah! We can’t have you on board Blah! Blah! Blah!. So I don’t have a job in short.

I was hoping for positive surprises on my birthday but hey, what is life?!

I’m just grateful I turned a year older and I received cash and I reminded/ forced people to wish me a happy birthday today.

My favorite part is I got to have all my favorite snacks and you know how much I love my snacks, I live for these snacks literally.

My nephew got me 1 litre of vanilla chocolate ice cream, my brother was kind enough to get me 500ml of vanilla ice-cream , my mom got me cake,juice and I got candles, yogurt and cookies. That my friend is my ideal birthday meal.

For not thinking this through I shopped online for my birthday treats and I was late too. So my gifts will probably get here in two weeks time *fingers crossed*. I’ll probably have to write a birthday gift haul post when they get here but its all good.


PS: My apologies, this post was written and edited on 2nd November but due to my crappy internet it couldn’t be published. I tried today but the photos still couldn’t upload so I decided to just publish it the way it is then will perfect it when the internet is better. I’m really sorry about this madness.

xoxo, Jade


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