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Breakfast Ideas

I am sure you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I won’t rub it in your face ’cause I understand how annoying it can be when people constantly remind you this.

Most people take this lightly but having trouble taking breakfast is a thing. It has nothing to do with running late or feeling lazy to whip something up in the morning. It’s just that you can’t take breakfast and even when you try it doesn’t seem right it feels like you will puke it out any minute.

Unless I wake up feeling VERY hungry but on a normal day the probability of me skipping breakfast is 98%. Hold up! This isn’t something I’m proud off and No, I’m not anorexia or trying to cut weight! I’m just a normal girl who has a hard time taking breakfast thus I came up with ways to get myself into the norm routine …

This past few days I’ve been trying not to skip breakfast, I know it’s not easy but hey, a girl’s got to try you know! Here are some ideas I came up with and I would like to share just to help anyone out there that’s going through this too:-

NB: As you start, you need to start small and learn to be consistent before getting into the whole breakfast hype!

Fruits/ Fruit Salad

Ensure every night before going to sleep you set a bunch of fruits aside or even make a fruit salad that you’d have in the morning.

A smoothie

I love smoothies, have a smoothie of your choice prepared and in the fridge do that before going to sleep so that when you wake up you just need to pick it up and drink as you go about your business

A glass of milk

If you are not lactose intolerant you can easily just have a glass of milk in the morning and that can count as breakfast


People in my household don’t consider having cereal as breakfast. For them cereal is like a starter to keep your stomach prepared for “Breakfast” lol . You can try out cereal though, its yummy,easy to make and easily slides down the throat.


Aaaah, Coffee ! Try out having coffee for breakfast. It brightens your day and work miracles even when you are having a stressful day

Note: The reason you need to have the fruit and smoothie prepared the previous night is so that in the morning you can’t make an excuse of “It being time-consuming or not having time or I’ll start doing that tomorrow” You can decide to have the ideas spread out through the week for each morning. Just don’t skip breakfast!
Over To You…

Do you ever skip breakfast? If you do, what are your reasons? If you don’t what do you usually have for breakfast?

Thank You For Reading…

xoxo, Jade


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