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Life Saving Apps

Don’t we all love technology!

I still have moments when I wonder how my life was before certain apps. I enjoy having apps that make my life easier, I know it has its pros and cons but today let’s just stick to the pros of why some apps are a must have.

I am a curious human being and that has led me to trying out different apps just to know how they work and whether they can add value to my life. Here are some of the apps that help me in my daily activities literally :-

Google Maps

Mehn, I have to admit I’m directionally challenged! I rarely know where I am or where I’m headed to. To get to places conveniently I have to use google maps for directions and to locate places. It is such a useful app and I appreciate its EXISTENCE …


I just have to start by saying its affordable! I like taxify ‘cause its just a call away. You basically use the app to locate the nearest cab in your location and you can trace it as it moves plus the security is advance in such you can send your contacts a link when using taxify  to trace journey. Best way to travel when you stay out late.


To my fellow WordPress users, I’m sure you understand how important having the WordPress phone app is. I’ve been writing most of my latest post using the phone app this whole month, It makes things easier ‘cause it doesn’t matter the location you’re at … you can just chuck your phone out, go to the app and write a new post or read other people’s post.


Basically, this is just like having a notepad on the phone. Colornote is important as I can easily jot down my ideas and decide what color theme I want to use. It also has the option of creating a checklist and locking any motes you want to be private. Amazing, right?

Over To You …

What are some of the apps you consider life saving ?

Thank You For Reading.

xoxo, Jade


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