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Why I’m Not Excited About December

It’s the 20th of December 2016!

If you know me really well, you know how much I hate December. I always wish November was the last month of the year maybe things would be simpler.
I envy people who are passionate about Christmas, people who go all the way out and do #blogmas, decorate their houses and get all Christmassy . I did think of giving it a try but It just felt fake – me trying to be positive and happy that the festive season is here!? Naah! That’s too blunt!

Okay, enough with the mini rant let’s get to the reasons why I’m not excited about December this year

  • I’m not ready for 2017 to be honest, this year has been emotionally draining and the fact that I have insufficient time to put my act together before the New Year starts is pretty scary
  • It feels just like yesterday I was shopping for Christmas presents, so I still need time to recover from the dent I got from that shopping but nope it’s already December!
  • I do not want to re-evaluate my 2016 goals. I’m grateful and all but I’m not ready for the “New year, New me” goals and resolutions shenanigans!
  • So much school and job pressure awaiting in January 2017 … If only we could first forward to August 2017 maybe I would feel better about the pressure
  • I do not like the festive season, generally all this pressure on Christmas and New year drains me out!
  • My life at the moment is just straight up messy!

xoxo, Jade


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