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Review|Chapter 02 Body Butter & Body Scrub

I hadn’t ever heard of Chapter 02 till my cousins’ gifted me with a package of toiletries a few months ago. Not too long I (finally) got to try:

Chapter 02 Body Butter (Nourishing) with Açai & Hibiscus. It smells really fresh, that was my first thought when I opened the lid. It feels a bit greasy at first but it absorbs nicely once you apply it on your body thus leaving the skin so smooth and hydrated. This body butter has helped improve the dry spots on my skin.

Chapter 02 Body Scrub (Smoothening) with Açai & Hibiscus. I couldn’t wait to try this one, just like the Body Butter it smells lovely. I like how it dries pretty quickly and washes off fairly easily too – and they don’t joke when they say it smooths the body It literally leaves the skin feeling so smooth like a baby’s butt.

I don’t know much about Açai and Hibiscus but I would definitely try more products that are enriched with those ingredients. I am highly impressed and I would definitely get myself more Chapter 02 products.

Over To You …

Have you ever tried this product?

Thank you for reading.

xoxo, Jade


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