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FodreamySpotlight: 002 – Valentina Batrac 

Welcome to #FodreamySpotlight series. This month the spotlight shines on Valentina

Not only is she young and vibrant, she’s also talented and stylish. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger proud owner of p.s. minimalist blog and I have to admit I have been stalking her for over a year now and Mehn! I’m obsessed.

Growing up in Croatia, she showcases the beauty of her area through the amazing photos she posts.Trust me the sunset is to die for.

Why she isn’t a model is a question stuck in my head everytime I scroll through her instagram page. Her photos will get you hooked cause her outfits and props are out of this world-literally!

Being the helpful human she is, Valentina does teach you how to take and edit photos on instagram. Her wide variety of posts on her blog is what drew me to her blog. Her posts range from different ways you can wear striped trousers to how to take outfit photos for Instagram.

Valentina has a really amazing blog to scroll through especially on those lazy days when all you want to do is lay in bed with a cup of coffee and your laptop. After consistently stalking her blog for over a year, I really think she is one you ought to follow and watch out for!

Dont be shy you can stalk her too, make sure you thank me later.

Blog link



Over To You …

Did you like this months feature on #FodreamySeries ?

Thank you for reading.

xoxo, Jade


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