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FodreamyInterviews: 002 – Jonathan M.

If you are a frequent visitor on Fodreamy you have probably come across some photos I post from random photo shoots and epic views. Today, let me introduce you to my very own personal photographer and one of the creators of ‘Usiulize Nitafute’.

‘Usiulize Nitafute’ was founded in 2015 in Mombasa by a group of friends who shared the same lifestyle with an aim of giving fellow youth a platform to showcase what they create.

Recently, I got the opportunity to chat with Jonathan via email and here is a tad bit of insight on his work and ‘Usiulize Nitafute’ projects:-

Q1: What made you start photography

A1:One of us got a camera as a gift and we took flight into photography

Q2: Growing up, is photography something you always wanted pursue?

A2: Yes. Definetely!

Q3: ‘Usiulize Nitafute’, How did that come about ?

A3: ‘Usiulize Nitafute’ was originally crafted so that people will not only ask about the photography but also find and seek the services of either us or whoever we did capture in our frames. It being swahili is deliberate ’cause of our swahili culture. We worked to give the youth in the old town a pictorial voice in their lifestyle, through fashion or sports.

Q4: What is unique about your photography skills and ‘Usiulize Nitafute’ ?

A4: The contribution of ideas is diversified and dynamic inside ‘Usiulize Nitafute’ in turn leading to learning and adapting a new skill set each day. Togetherness drives us.

Q5: What are some of the challenges you face in your journey?


  • Resources.
  • Resistance from the adjacent community.
  • Balance between personal life and the photography

Q6: How did you choose and settle on your photography niche

A6: Togetherness in travelling. Growing up in a local neighborhood we ventured out and met people and in turn we found the passion to capture moments, landscapes of where we traveled to.

Q7: Any advice to those who want to venture into photography?

A7: Don’t just go into it to snap pictures, be a good pictorial story teller.Patience and practice makes permanence.

Q8: What have been the biggest achievements so far in your photography journey?

A8: Visiting new places, I’ve had a chance to visit Kilifi, Kisite Islands, Uganda among other beautiful places in the region also a football club was formed under ‘Usiulize Nitafute’ it won in a tournament.

Q9: How do you market yourself and where can people find you?

A9: Mostly through social media platforms (Instagram) . I have an Online Gallery

You can also hit me up via email- mbinga_tofauti@yahoo.com


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