FodreamySeries, Photography

FodreamyCaptures: Oloolua Nature Trail

I really enjoy going on hikes. We discovered this place when my cousin and I were looking for a cheap way to kill a Saturday afternoon.

Here are some pictures from our adventure :-

Sign post after the entrance of Oloolua
Sunrays penetration
Apparently this fence is electric
Paradise of rich vegetation
The green is amazing
We rested at this quiet and serene site
We got lost and this guard helped us
Yellow on green
Trying to figure out which way to use
Vodka in the woods???
I went through this cave but I got scared cos it was so dark and I saw a bat
But first, lemme take a selfie
Colored water

Over To You…

Is hiking your thing? If yes, what is the best part of hiking. If not, why haven’t you given it a try?

Thank you for reading.


Jade J


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