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How To|Create A Weekly Goal Map

Most times I enjoy planning, it’s such a shame 90% of the time I never live up to my goals but Hey! don’t judge me I am human.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand how it’s always exciting to set yearly goals but it always gets monotonous trying to follow them through.

I always tend to postpone when to go on adventures, when to start that yoga class, when to create my photography portfolio then BOOM! It’s a month to another year and I’m doing everything last-minute.

I recently came up with a way of following through my goals by ensuring each month I work on something to avoid last-minute chaos. It has brought a stunning impact so far . Here are some steps to follow :-

1. Set Up Yearly Goals

Here you can list all the goals, dreams you hope to work on or achieve that specific year. Just a rough draft, you don’t have to be precise .

2. Breakdown your goals into categories

You then divide your goals to groups having particular shared characteristics. Examples of categories are:- career goals, health goals, reading goals, among others

3. Dispatch the categorised goals into months

For every category specify what you hope to achieve every month. For example :- One of your February goals can be set as Read Girl online by the end of month

4. Plan your Weekly goals

Because we tend to be forgetful humans and easily postpone goals as we please hoping tomorrow is another day and we still get another shot; why not ensure every week we work on something.

Let me break this down with an example, for yearly goals we can have “Read more” on our list.

Then on category we create a category called “Reading Goals” where we list

*Read 12 novels this year

* Read a magazine etc

Later on you dispatch your reading goals into months: On your February goals, you list Read Girl online this month. Then go ahead and set your weekly goals as:-

*Ensure you read a chapter of Girl online each week

I know it seems complicated and I don’t even know if you get my drift but trust me if you give this a try it has a stunning impact plus it helps you become proactive in working towards your goals .

Over To You…

Did this make sense to you? Leave a comment if you need any clarification 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Jade J


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