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Reasons I Rarely Watch TV drama Series 

You know how people gather up in the office every Wednesday or Thursday mornings to brief each other on the highlights of Scandal/ Empire? Well, you’ll never find me in that group.

No! No! It has nothing to do with my social anxiety or dislike of being conformed in a group. I just never have anything to contribute to the topics cause I rarely watch the trending TV series and if I do, I either watch a series that has been cancelled or watch the first season and I’m done; here is why:-

I can’t handle suspense

Ok let me get this straight, at dawn Jorah walks into the piles of ash and finds Daenerys untouched by the flames and holding three small dragons. That’s how you are going to end the episode huh! And I have to wait till next week to see what happens next? Haha, I don’t think so Mehn! I’m too impatient to live with that cliffhanger

Commitment Issues

You see I can barely commit myself to a blogging niche (and I love blogging so much) and you expect me to dedicate every week day to a different drama TV series? How now?!

I hate Drama

If you know me well enough, you know I always avoid drama IRL. Be it boy drama, office drama that’s a no-no zone for me. So why would I want to poke my head into other people’s drama?

I worry too much

The “What if’s” don’t excite me at all, they kill my morale.

“What if they are caught making out? ” What if Wes dies in this episode? ”

I get attached too easily thus every thing happening on the TV series affects my daily life. I want none of that!

Twitter does it for me

Well, instead of spending 45 minutes crossing my fingers and holding my breath. Why not casually scroll through twitter tags and be briefed on the episode and that takes like what 1-2 minutes !?

You know, it’s never that serious. Once in a while curiosity gets the best of me and I decide to take risks.

Instead of just playing it safe with The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Baby Daddy and Young and Hungry. I dare myself to watch How To Get Away With Murder (RIP WES GIBBINS) but I watch random episodes so that I do not get carried away.

Over To You…

What is your favorite TV drama Series?

Thank you for reading.

Jade J


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