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Fodreamyspotlight: John Sennett 

If I am to describe John Sennett in only three words I would use passionate, harworking and fun .

I’ve known John as a blogger for about a year now. He is the king of blogging twitter chats and that’s how I came to know him. Not only is he a lifestyle blogger and public speaker, he is also a volunteering influencer.

Volunteering is one of the things close to his heart. Each single day he unravels new opportunities and projects that focus on changing the world. His passion for volunteering oozes when he talks about the plans he has in store for now and the future.

How he does it, I don’t know but I think the urban dictionary should use him as an example when defining Hardworker

When it comes to having a conversation he is easy going so you don’t really have to overthink your replies (as long as you aren’t being rude and disrespectful of course).

If you are looking for something inspirational and any charity related projects, he is definitely the person to watch for and network with .

Through his social media and blog you can get to know more about John and watch him take over the world.

Email -johnsroadtovolunteering@gmail.com
Over To You…

Are you following John yet?If not, you should he is an awesome being.

Thank you for reading.


Jade J


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