What’s in my ‘Makeup Bag’

I don’t own that much makeup, just the basics. I still like having my face bare and natural. 

While I’m still trying to figure out my way into the makeup world (which is expensive I must say). Here are some of the things (products) I have stocked so far 


  • Signature Red and Black Lipstick 
  • Lime crime (Velvetines) :Bleached and Faded 
  • L.A. Colors Pout Lip gloss (Super Shine) 
  • L.A. Colors Lip Trio 
  • Himalaya Herbals Lip balm 
  • Vaseline Blue seal 


Orchard Frost Antibacterial hand gel


  • 4 eyes liners 2black, 1 brown and 1 blue (bought this online)
  • Davis Brown eye liner 
  • Veryme Fatlash Mascara
  • Enchant Pearl eyeshadow -Blue and green


  • Maange Mascara brush 
  • 3 Maange eyeshadow brushes 
  • Maange Lip brush 


  • Lanolin Moisturizer 
  • Black Opal Foundation, Loose powder and 

My “Makeup ” bag

Over To You… What’s in your makeup bag? 

Thank you for reading. 


          Patience 🙂


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