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Fodreamy1on1: Trapped in Low Mood

Sitting amidst a group of your friends, chatting and laughing your heart out with no care of any negative struggles you might be having.

The next thing you feel is your heart beating out loud. In a weird way!

You silently stare at the people before you. A swift breeze brushes your skin giving you goosebumps and inturn past your ears leaving whispered trails of questions.

“I laughed out so loud are they judging me? Why am I even happy when in reality I have no job? My grades are low! Are they even my real friends? “

Then the voice whispers, again. Loudly this time.

“Do you really think you deserve to be happy? “

Remember all the mistakes you’ve made. The mistakes you are making. You are a failure, always have been always will be!

Coming back to reality, you randomly stare at each of your friends, again.

You think, “She has a job, I don’t. She’s traveling to Ibiza, I’m stuck in our outrageous neibourhood. You compare every single minor detail and you finally acknowledge the voice to be right.”

Sigh. You feel trapped, again.

You are sad. Your heart is weeping. You have lost interest in whatever conversation you were having. You are angry at nothing in particular, You don’t need to justify your anger you are just pissed, period.

Breath in. Breath out. Doing this a thousand times makes no difference. You deserve to be sad! You are not worthy of love, happiness and just living life.

You can’t do this anymore. You can’t do this. You can’t…. You just can’t. But you are already trapped, like the genie in Aladdin.

Over To You…

Do you also face low mood? What does it feel like?

Thank you for reading.

Jade J


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