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Struggles Of Wearing Eyeglasses 

It feels like a lifetime ago since I started wearing spectacles.

Anyone who wears spectacles recommended by an optician and not as a fashion statement will understand it’s no fun and games having to depend on your spectacles 24 hours a day.

I am one of the lucky ones, I can slightly see without my glasses – though I see things as one big blur -but just know the struggle is real.

Work selfie

If you can relate to these struggles then give yourself a fist bump cause Mehn! You are stronger than you think :-

1.Finding the right pair of glasses

I’m glad that there has been an evolution in eyeglasses industry and you can actually find a variety to choose from not the typical weird things that used to exist before.

Yet, it’s still hard to find the right pair for yourself. I tried like 20 different glasses before settling on the ones I liked and they still didn’t have the colour I wanted.

2. People looking at you strangely when you remove your glasses

My colleagues at work literally stare at me like a zombie every time I remove my glasses.

They say, “You totally look like a different person without your glasses. ” That’s code for you creep me out without your glasses.

3. The struggle of trying to lie down with them on without squishing and breaking them

You don’t have the comfort of enjoying laying down on your side and watching a movie.

4. Foggy Lenses

Every time I want to enjoy my hot cup of coffee fog forms on my glasses and it’s super annoying .

5. Needing to clean my glasses constantly

I feel like lenses constantly need cleaning and the worst part is wearing the wrong fabric and try to cleaning them. It makes them more dirty than clean.

Over To You…

Do you wear eyeglasses as a fashion statement or cause as an optician order? What are some of your struggles?

Thank you for reading.


Jade J


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