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FodreamyInterviews: 003- Ryley from Faded Element 

At a young age of 20 years old Ryley, a lifestyle blogger has mastered a creative way of writing unique and catchy posts for her blog Faded Element

I had the opportunity to chat with her via email about Faded Element, her love for fashion and life itself and here is what she had to say:-

Q: Hi Ryley, tell us more about yourself and your blog
A: Hi! My name is Ryley and I’m a 20 year old lifestyle blogger from the U.S. I started blogging at the end of September 2016 and I would say that things have gone pretty well so far
Q: What motivated you to start your own blog?
A: My sister and I actually had a blog together about two years ago now and things didn’t work out and we weren’t dedicated to it 😦
I wanted to create my own blog to be able to be creative in my own way and something to dedicate my free time to.
Q: How did you come up with the name Faded Element
A: I honestly found a random username generator and it was one of the first ones that popped up! I was debating on using my name as the name of my blog or something completely made up. I liked Faded Element because it sounded really cool and unique to me.
Q: Where does your blogging inspiration come from and how do you come up with your blogging topics?
A: I get inspiration from every single blog I follow. When I see someone doing well and achieving their goals it makes me want to do the same.
Blog topics normally pop into my head at random times everyday. I usually make a draft with a few ideas and decide whether or not it would be a good blog post or not 🙂
Q: You are a fashion lover, what draws you into fashion and how would you describe your fashion taste?
A: I’ve loved fashion since I could walk. I think my obsession started with handbags, I had a ton growing up!
What draws me into fashion is the ability to express myself through the clothes I wear. I don’t dress like the typical fashion blogger, I’m more casual and into simple clothing items. I love getting dressed up and girly but my leggings and converse are my best friends.
Q: You also review products on your blog. How long do you use a product before you write a review?
A: I tend to use products a few weeks before I review them. I like to give my honest opinion about the products I review.
Q: Who inspires you the most in the fashion world?
A: This is such a tough question! I normally like everything Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Bella Hadid wears.
When it comes to people who work in the fashion industry I really love Rachel Zoe, Leandra Medine, Alexa Chung, Kelly Cutrone… the list is endless.
I really like these women because I’ve looked up to them and their careers for a long time and they are my idols.
Q: If it were not for blogging how else you would show case your love for fashion and beauty to the rest of the world?
A: Honestly I don’t know if there would be any other way for me to be able to showcase my love for fashion and beauty.
I’m far too scared and shy to start a YouTube channel and I don’t think I would obtain many followers having a fashion instagram
Q: What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced so far in blogging and in your life?
A: Some of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face while blogging is being able to show my followers and readers who I really am.
It’s hard to open up to a world full of people you don’t know but I think to a degree it’s necessary in order to have people like you and your content.
Q: What are the 3 quotes that keep you motivated in blogging and your quest to achieve your goals?
A: One quote from my favorite movie ever Rent is,” No day but Today. “
I feel like everyone knows that one but the quote really speaks for itself and keeps me motivated.
Another quote is, “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” I like this one because it helps me try to forget the past and focus on things now.
The third quote is, “Trendy is the last stage before Tacky” by Karl Lagerfeld.
This quote is more funny in my opinion than motivating but it also helps remind me that just because something is in style doesn’t mean I have to wear it, I remember to always put my own touch on trends and make it my own .

Thank you Ryley for doing this interview.

Go show her some love 🙂

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