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How To|Survive A Long Bus Journey

Sitting in a bus for 10 straight hours can be hella boring but not everyone can afford plane tickets to and from everywhere they travel to, so most times you just have to opt for the cheaper way which 99% of the time is nerve raking.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, I tend to do this a lot and in the process I’ve learnt how to cope and enjoy myself. Here’s how I manage to have fun when my butt is numb

Create a travelling playlist

This is important! Music has a way of making situations feel less tense. Carry your earphones and ensure you phone and power bank are fully charged. Listening to music will be relaxing.

Snacks and Drinks

Hopefully, you are not the kind to get motion sickness from munching. Having snacks is a good way to pass time.

Carry a book

I rarely read when travelling, I tend to easily get distracted but I always carry a book to use it as a “Do Not Disturb Me” sign for the person sitting next to me (chronicles of an anti-social human)


Just close your eyes and rest, catch up with all sleepless nights in the past few days and if this doesn’t work. Count trees, houses, mountains, zebras just anything you see by the roadside.

Over To You …

Have you ever had to travel for 10 hours straight via bus? If yes, how was your experience? If no, would you want to try?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


2 thoughts on “How To|Survive A Long Bus Journey”

  1. I live quite a while from my home town, so whenever i go to see my family it’s an 8 hour coach journey with being tavel sick too! – motion sickness tablets and music get me through!.

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