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Back To The Blogging World

Hallo lovelies, its me, your favorite human being.

My blog has been inactive for the past 3 months due to reasons that definitely sound lame at the moment. This was supposed to be the year that I sticked to my blog schedule but hey- shit happens you know!

Anyway, not that it matters to most people but as of today July 15th I return to the blog world with hope to be consistent for the next coming months. I realise how vague and unconvincing this sounds given that I haven’t given you the reasons to my absenteeism in the first place.

To be honest, I wouldn’t trust me either after all the promises I made a few months on the growth of this blog. But I just hope that you haven’t completely given up on me. Things happened, (and are still happenning) .Things that are constantly affecting my MH leading to constant stress, anxiety …

When such things happen you lose interest in the little things that bring you joy. This is me trying to take control, Its tough, but one step at a time and that begins with blogging cause its fun and makes me happy.

I already have a few posts planned so expect to see more every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The content will still be the same but a bit edgy *wink*. Other than that, your prayers and support will be highly appreciated.

Over To You …

How have you been? What have I missed in the blogging wolrd?

Thank you for Reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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