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Saved by the Bell |Poetry

She became reckless,

taking unnecessary risks.

she became excessively tense and jumpy

then had trouble focusing; concentrating

even remembaring the little details.

unable to feel happiness; love

couldn’t connect with people,

She had had enough of this.

taking quick steps to the open balcony of her bedroom

she had made her decision,

Nobody cares after all.

she took a step closer

“Breathe in; Breathe out”

All she had to do was jump.

Ding! Dong! She had the bell go off.

“C’mon!” She thought, ” I’m trying to jump off here, go away.”

… Back to depressing thought …

She had no friends;

her presence will go unnoticed for sure.

“Jade?” She heard the housemaid call for her from downstairs. “Pizza delivery guy is here for you …”

she had planned to eat her last pizza meal before all this how could she forget that. Maybe next time she should just skip the depressing reminiscing,” She thought.

I’m coming!
Over To You …

This is the short version/poetic of an archive post — Dont worry, Calm Down!

Ever been in a situation where you were about to harm yourself then something happens and you had to stop the whole process?

If yes, share I’d like to hear from you.


Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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