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Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair

Maintaining natural 4C hair has proved to be – excuse my french – a pain in the arse these past few years.

It’s a struggle but also the best lifestyle for me. This year, I decided to learn the art of patience and try to genuinely embrace my hair just a way to make it be manageable and less messy.

A little insight on 4C Natural Hair

Most African people have this type of hair. Even though you can have the most perfect afro with this hair type, the shrinkage is annoying and it easily dry’s – the dryness can easily be compared to steel wool …

Steps I Follow When Washing My Hair

Step One: Prepoo

I use coconut in this first step. Applying it in sections of bantu knots then cover it with a shower cap. I always do this at night cause I prefer leaving it overnight.

This process helps with detagling – I learnt (the hard way) never to comb your hair when its dry (after undoing braids or a weave) cause the breakage level is 99.9%

Step Two: Cleansing

I do this the next day while taking a shower;

I rinse out the coconut oil before taking shampoo and scrubbing it on my scalp to get the dirt out.

I use little shampoo cause even the sulphate free products tend to strip out natural oils from hair. I then rinse out the shampoo as I finger detangle.

Step Three: Deep Condition

Afterwards, I use Lorys deep conditioner and apply it to my hair while focusing on the ends.

I part my hair into sections to do this just to ensure the conditioner is thoroughly spread out. Then I cover my hair with a shower cap for about 10 minutes to let my hair absorb the conditioner.

Later on, I rinse out the conditioner from my hair then use a t-shirt to dry it out.

Step Four: Moisturize

After rinsing my hair out, I section it again then apply Leave- In conditioner and Dalan d’Olive (Olive Oil Moisturizing cream) then braid it and let it dry out.

I’m not a hair product junkie so I just use the basic in this process

  • Tropical Coconut Oil
  • Lorys Deep moisturizing Shea butter
  • Radiant Leave- In Hair Conditioning
  • Dalan d’Olive Moisturizing Cream

Over To You …

Which step, on my routine is relatable to your wash day routine? What are some of your favorite hair products?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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