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Expectations Vs Reality Of Living In Africa

There’s always two sides of a story but the media has a tendency of focusing on the “ugly side” more so when it comes to portraying Africa to the world.

Yes, Malaria kills! Ebola is real, poverty is heartbreaking and politics can make you want to pull your brains out.

Don’t get me wrong, the help from UNAIDS, WHO and any NGO’s is HIGHLY appreciated.

… but first it’s important to educate young children around the world that Africa is a continent NOT a country.

People assume Africans use drums or smoke to communicate but we’re in the 21st century peeps, smartphones and laptops are what people operate in communication.

Someone once asked me to send them my country’s “top traditional music” so she can send me her country’s billboard top music and I stared at her thinking what she’s talking about ; I jam to Beyonce, Jhene Aiko and One Direction

And can you slow down with the pet questions, Please !? I would also like to have a Zebra as a pet to be honest but unfortunately these beautiful creatures are only found in zoos and National parks. Just like everyone else.

What I’m trying to say, we appreciate the “For every dollar you can help a child in Africa” advertisement but … once in a while focus on the beauty of the continent. Amazing landscapes, potential talent, beautiful humans with souls to die for.

My point is, educate young people around the world not just to be content with knowledge of only their sorrounding and places they’d want to visit.

Once in a while see how #TheVoiceNigeria is doing; read about the King of Spain – just general knowledge to make you aware that the world isn’t just your country and Paris. You get my point, right?
Over To You …

Which continent are you from? and what’s the most annoying misconception people have about your continent?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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