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Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose Yet?

Growing up, my understanding for “making it in life” was following the good old beaten path. Go to school, get good grades, get a scholarship and get a good permanent pensionable job. Now, in my early 20’s I constantly ask myself if that is all … is living your life to the fullest just about following along some path our forefathers went through?

My answer is no! Your life, like everyone else’s is an individual path. But how do you know you were made for one path over another? Here’s a simple way to help you figure it out.

Easy and Effortless

What you do or enjoy doing should come easily to you. It could be writing, dancing, among others. It takes you less time to do it as compared to someone else with lesser skills. What is it you never struggle doing whatever it is that you do?

Excites and energizes you

What gives you reason to stay up late or get up early in the morning? You constantly have new ideas and insights and you keep researching on them. If what you enjoy doing was taken away from you, you would completely feel empty. You shouldn’t be able to go a day without engaging in it.

Love it and Talk about it all the time

When you love something, it oozes out of you. You ramble about it every waking day and probably annoy people when they see you now. Listen to yourself more closely in conversations that you love you will deeply care for and you will naturally find yourself inclined to improve because that is where your life purpose lies.

Over To You …

Have you found your life purpose, yet?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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